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red arrow gif Jumping Beans!: Kids love watching the movement of the beans as they jump.

red arrow gif Clown Heads!: Features easily changed or custom designed heads
for the corner posts!

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red arrow gif The Wapello Round Playspace:
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red arrow gif Wapello Inflatable Playspaces are easy put-up and quick to take-down.

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Wapello Closed Top Square Pillow

Beautiful and colorful, The Wapello Closed Top Pillow is a very popular playspace. Children love the excitement of the enclosed environment.

Operators enjoy the built in features. See through vinyl side wall for visi- bilitv in and around the entire pillow.

Wapello Square Playspace


size chart!

The closed entrance makes traffic control easy. Vents allow heat and stale air to escape. And the top is easily removed for ease of handling.

Available in seven different sizes, square or round, we have one to fit your particular needs. Our pillows are designed with bright yellow, orange and blue colors standard, but many color combination are possible. Each unit comes complete with fan, blower, repair kit, fire retardancy certificate, and instructions on care and use. Adequate tie-downs are provided.

Combined, their ten minute set-up time, proven return on investment, ease of handling, 150-300 rides per hour capacity, and versatility make a very profitable attraction.

See, also... The Wapello Round Playspace:

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